Washington DC Apartments – What To Ask In A Rental Application

Washington DC Apartments – What To Ask In A Rental Application

Screening tenants is every landlord’s nightmare when looking to fill vacancies in their Washington DC apartments. However, it’s important because you get to choose who you want to live in your apartments. Here is some of the information that you should include in the rental application to make sure you know everything about the potential tenants.

Employment – You should ask for the previous and current employers. Additionally, you need to find out how long the applicant has been at their current job. You need to find out how many times the applicant has switched their job in the last few years. Any instability in their employment is an indicator that the tenant doesn’t have a stable income and might skip on the rental payments.

Current Income – You need to know how much the tenant currently earns. That way, you can easily ascertain whether he/she can pay the rent on time and continue living in the apartment without any financial trouble.

Previous Landlords – The tenant should provide the contact information of the previous landlords as well as the addresses, the amount of rent paid and why the applicant left the apartments in the first place. Any applicant who skips out on this important information is hiding something in the past and shouldn’t be allowed in your Washington DC apartments.

Number Of Occupants And Pets – You should ask about the number of occupants and pets to move into the apartment when the tenancy is granted. At any one time, you need to know how many times are present in the apartment and pets too for security purposes. Therefore, make sure the tenant provides such information in the rental application form.

Full And Official Names – Finally, any personal information on the rental application form should be accurate. The names should be full and official and don’t forget to ask for the social security number.

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