Getting to Know Washington DC

Getting to Know Washington DC

Although there are many different places that you could visit in the United States, one that is certainly well worth a visit is the nation’s capital, Washington DC. When visiting the city, you may have a difficult time deciding exactly what you are going to do while you’re there. In addition, many people find that the city is rather difficult to navigate and it certainly is not hard to get turned around and end up in the wrong location.

As far as navigating the city is concerned, you can think of it as being a wagon wheel. Many cities are laid off in a grid but the area of Washington DC has a centralized location with roads going off at angles and widening as they go further away toward the Beltway. This wagon wheel effect has caused many people to get lost within the city so it is important for you to know where you’re going and how to get there. There are some bad areas within the city that you wouldn’t want to end up in so make sure that you check your route ahead of time.

Although there are a number of different things that you can see in the city, you certainly will want to spend some time at the mall. I’m not talking about a shopping mall, I’m talking about the centralized location that contains many of the monuments, the Smithsonian museums, the White House, the Capitol building and many other things that are well worth seeing. When you stand in the center of the mall, you can look in one direction and see the capital building and in the other direction and see the Washington Monument. When standing at the Washington Monument, you can look in all directions and see monuments such as the Lincoln Monument, Jefferson Monument and the White House.

As far as the Smithsonian museums are concerned, this is where you may want to focus a lot of your visiting. There certainly is more to see at the Smithsonian the what you will be able to see in just a few days in Washington DC. Be sure that you check out the air and space Museum, the Museum of Natural History and the Holocaust Museum. These are all well worth a visit and you certainly would not want to be in the city and not at least take the time to stop by.

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