DC Man Accused Of Killing Girlfriend’s Son Hit Daughter: Document

DC Man Accused Of Killing Girlfriend’s Son Hit Daughter: Document

WASHINGTON, DC — A D.C. man who is being accused of killing his girlfriend’s toddler son had also hit her other child, a daughter, according to reports. James Embre, 24, is alleged to have killed 2-year-old Aceyson Aizim Ahmad on Tuesday.

D.C. police arrived at the A Street Southeast apartment Tuesday night to find the mother holding her boy, screaming that he was not breathing. He was rushed to the hospital, but died from his injuries, WTOP reported.

WTOP cited charging documents as saying the boy died from multiple blunt force injuries. The death was ruled a homicide. An "incredible amount of force" was used on the boy, the documents say.

The girlfriend’s other child, a daughter, shared a room with her brother. She initially told police Aceyson had fallen out of the bunk bed, but that was found to be inaccurate.

The daughter later said Embre had hit her and told her to leave the room, and to not tell her mother that he was in there. She said she then saw Embre hitting her brother and later leaving the bedroom holding the unconscious boy, WTOP reported.

Embre admitted to "physically" disciplining the daughter before, but denied hitting Aceyson before his death.

Embre, who was living with the girlfriend, had picked up Aceyson from daycare earlier. Both he and the boy’s mother said there was nothing out of the ordinary at that time. He claimed Aceyson was tired, so he put him to bed in the bottom bunk, only to return later to find him on the floor unconscious.

A preliminary hearing is set for May 24.

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